Пограничная служба объяснила, как оккупанты захватили Змеиный



he Ukrainian Navy is glad to announce that the boarder guards, captured by Russian invaders on Zmiinyi island, are still alive.

Once again the enemy revealed its insincerity, noted the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Navy, when commenting on the unlawful actions on Zmiinyi island from February 26, when after receiving information about injured and deceased Ukrainian boarder guards, the civil vessel of Maritime Search and Rescue Service Sapfir was sent there with humanitarian mission carrying Ukrainian priests onboard. The vessel was captured and the connection with it was lost.
Ukrainian Navy demands immediate release of all the captured Ukrainian citizens and addresses to all churches to make everything possible to influence Russian Federation and take back the residents of Ukraine.

Though the Navy is glad that the boarder guards of Zmiinyi island are still alive, it emphasises how Russian propaganda violates the truth, giving information that Ukrainian armed forces «forgot» and «buried» their soldiers. At the same time we all know that the boarder guards twice disrupted the attack to protect the island.